Where I’ve Been

So we’ve had a little bit of a false start here.  Since I was pleasantly surprised to see that some old friends are actually reading this thing, I figure I owe you an explanation.

I had a bit of a crisis of faith about my writing here.  Am I being too academic, too impersonal?  I’m really trying to hit that mark I’ve set for myself of “alternatingly silly and erudite,” and until I get it you’ll all just have to suffer with me.  I’m kind of like that teenage neighbor who can almost play one song on guitar, but keeps almost-playing it really loud.

So, once I got over that, I was out of state for a week.  So that was that.

Then I lost a loved one.  So I’ve been down since then.

And then I had a moment that made me suddenly feel better about this whole writing thing.  And when did it come to me?  While I was cleaning out the kitchen cabinet.  There I am, deciding whether to keep or throw out 15 boxes of Jell-O from the late 1990’s and I just feel the urge to pick back up the book I put down (Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel), and to try to write a couple pages of “that novel” (I wrote a couple lines).  Which actually makes perfect sense.  This spring, someone asked me for advice on how to improve as a writer (I was flattered and surprised).  The best advice I could think of was advice I wasn’t following.  And haven’t been following these past couple of weeks.  You have to do it like work.  You have to sit down every day and write.  So that’s what I’m here for today.

Or in short: I’m back, bitches.

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