Quick Hit: On Batman and Politics

Over at io9 they asked some Batman writers what they thought Batman would think about Occupy Wall Street.

People (mainly Frank Miller and people who like Frank Miller) have tended to assume Batman is a conservative, but I was reminded recently that Batman is anti-gun and anti-capital punishment.  Hmm.

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  1. Batman would likely be opposed to the protestors who are trying to block traffic and would support their arrest in that specific situation. Blocking traffic over the Brooklyn Bridge (and on principal streets in Boston where I am) just causes an inconvenience for everyone, working middle and upper class–not Wall Street bankers exclusively–and makes OWS look stupid and anarchistic in a bad way. But Batman would probably be at least indifferent to the movement itself. He’s not really an economic libertarian like Frank Miller would have you think–Batman’s just a law-and-order conservative, which, I think, is definitely not contradicted by his anti-gun position. (This is Sam by the way–thought you could use a little traffic.)

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