40 Years of Stairway and 44 Years of Stairway

Forty years ago today, Led Zeppelin IV, containing “Stairway to Heaven,”  was released.  In 1991, someone at Esquire magazine estimated that the total amount of time “Stairway” had played on some radio station somewhere added up to forty-four years.  If you could play them all back to back, even if “Stairway” hadn’t been played at all in the past twenty years (which I know it in fact has) you could play “Stairway” continuously from its release until now, with four years of surplus “Stairway.”

So, its no wonder some people are sick of it.

But in the zendo they say sometimes you have to empty your cup before you can put anything more in it.  So today, put aside eight minutes and try to forget Wayne’s World, and High School, and all the times you’ve heard it on the radio, and try to just listen to what “Stairway” sounds like.

If you ask me, it really is that fucking good.

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