Whatever the Hell Douglas Rushkoff is, He’s a Good One

In my last post, I somewhat blithely referred to Douglas Rushkoff’s profession as “whatever the hell Douglas Rushkoff is.”  Rushkoff describes himself as a “media-ecologist,” but that doesn’t really help us figure him out.  I suppose we could say Rushkoff is a professional mad genius.  In What is Your Dangerous Idea Rushkoff discusses open-source currency.  He outlines the idea in more detail here.  I don’t know how sound Rushkoff’s economic history is, and his idea does have the aura of the conspiracy theory about it, but we have to appreciate that he takes the broad view (i.e. he doesn’t treat economics on its own but recognizes that economies must interact with all other forms of human endeavor), and his thinking leads in new directions.  I came away from Rushkoff’s article thinking: if socialism and capitalism were both developed for industrial economies and we have a post industrial economy, then why are all the economic policies we developed some form of capitalism, socialism, or synthesis of the two.  We’ve been trapped into lateral thinking, and whether or not Rushkoff shows a viable way out of that Semantic trap, he reminds us that there can be a way out.  Which is something we desperately need to remember.    When faced with a problem we keep throwing answers to see what works.  Rushkoff’s answers may very well be crazy, but they serve to remind us, we may be asking the wrong questions.  I for one would never have considered that currency itself (or rather the type of currency) could be at the core of our financial woes.  This kind of out there thinking is necessary to get things moving into the future, if we want to have an Arthur C. Clarke future.  Rushkoftf’s friend Grant Morrison thinks that a sort of nocebo effect is causing people who believe that future is hopeless to make it hopeless.  Grant thinks superheroes will show us the way out.  Rushkoff wants to open source everything (currency, religion, and so on), which I suppose would make us all superheroes of a sort.  Either way the point is not to get mired in how things are now, but to get moving towards making the future.

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